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    Notes on 2012 Applications

    RIG FACTOR:  Some small adjustments have been made to the calculation of Rig Factor for 2012, so you may see a change on your certificate. Change may be up or down.  Rig Factor is a calculated value rather than input, and is based on the declaration of rig configuration (no. of sets of spreaders etc.) as well as other internal factors. 


    HEADSAIL WIDTHS & HSA:  If your headsail has widths smaller than the old minima of 50% & 25% of LP, you will notice that the printed HHW & HTW on your certificate are now the actual sizes supplied.  In addition the HSA (headsail area) will have changed. These changes are due to the change to Rule 21.7 removing the ‘minimum’ headsail widths.


    On behalf of IRC certificate holders RORC has negotiated some excellent extra value into your certification...  All IRC certificate holders now have an automatic subscription to every other issue of Seahorse Magazine in digital format.   Your subscription is activated by clicking on the link IRC entry point for Seahorse digi subscribers and using your boat name and passcode (as it appears at the bottom your IRC certificate) as the login information.



    • Validity dates are shown at the bottom of the certificate.  When your certificate expires you will automatically receive an invitation to renew, please make sure your contact details are kept up to date.
    • Please check the data and details on the certificate before signing it.   If there is anything you think is incorrect please contact your Rule Authority; however for production designs remember some standard data may have been used which differs from that submitted (usually hull data).
    • Ratings may go up, down or stay the same from year to year, depending on changes and developments in the maths behind the rating calculation.  This is developed on an annual basis.
    • Age Allowance is automatically applied to boats over 3 years old, but it is a small part of the calculation. (It cannot be assumed that the rating will reduce each year because of age allowance).

    STIX and AVS Stability data :  If you are planning to enter an event that is OSR Cat 3 or over you may need to have STIX & AVS (stability) data on your IRC certificate. Please check the specific events to see if it is required. Information about STIX & AVS can be found on the IRC website:  Once obtained, the information will be added to your certificate free of charge as long as there are no other changes.

    Amended or Trial certificates:  If you need to amend your certificate, or wish to run a trial certificate(s), the relevant forms can be obtained from your Rule Authority.

    Please use the appropriate form to apply for a certificate as this reduces the risk of omissions in data, or inputting errors.   We cannot accept data by telephone. Please make sure you complete the ‘Source of Information’ to avoid any delays, thank you.

    Note limits to the number of trial certificates that are allowed – details are on the IRC website.

    If you have an Endorsed certificate, remember that any amendments to rated data will require official measurement, please refer to our website especially regarding sail data.

    Change of Ownership:  If you sell your boat and the new owner wishes to race it, or if you buy a boat with a current IRC certificate, then Re-Registration is required.  Please contact your Rule Authority for the relevant form.

    Short-handed certificates:  If you do short-handed (1 or 2 people) racing, and your boat is in a different configuration for this, you can apply for a separate Short-Handed certificate.   

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