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    IRC Rule Changes for 2018 (Full

    Download the full rule changes here in pdf format.

    2018 Rule Changes (.pdf)



    IRC Rule changes 2017 – a summary


    • The definition of STL has been changed to cater for boats that do not use a spinnaker but fly a large headsail from the end of the bowsprit. All ratings will therefore include an STL measurement even if not rated for spinnakers.

    • To simplify the Rule, a new definition Aft Rigging has been added: IRC will no longer distinguish between backstay(s), running backstays or checkstays.

    • New rule 19.6 has been added requiring declaration of materials over specific gravity of 8.0 (eg. lead) in some types of keel fin. This is to counter the trend of moving lead from the bulb into the fin.

    • Rule 2.6 has been updated to reflect actual practice.

    • The new ERS 2017-2020 now incorporate definitions that were previously included in the IRC Rule, so these have been removed or updated as appropriate.

    • A number of detail changes have been made throughout the text to correct typographical errors and inconsistencies in terminology. 


    IRC Rule changes 2016 – a summary

    • Rule 8.1 now includes a minimum LH of 5.00m to be eligible for an IRC rating (excepting boats previously rated)
    • Bulb Weight will now be recorded on a boat’s certificate where applicable, and Bulb Weight has been added to Rule 8.10.1 and the definitions.
    • Abbreviations for some sail measurements (LLmax, LL, LP, SF) have been updated but the definitions are unchanged.
    • The rule about setting multiple headsails simultaneously has been simplified, and new cutter rig definitions added.
    • IRC notice 2014/01 relating to reefing of spinnakers is now included as part of the spinnaker definition.
    • The definition of a Dayboat now includes an upper LH limit of 10.00m.
    • Rule 21.1.6 is extended to include moving the mast at foot or deck level for Dayboats.
    • Rule 9.8 rating review limits are amended in respect of weights.
    • A number of detail changes have been made throughout the text to correct typographical errors and inconsistencies in terminology, and the definitions have been re-ordered in categories for clarity.

    Download full 2016 rule text & definitions


    Changes to IRC Rules For 2015

    The following Rule changes come into effect on 1st June 2015 for South East Asia Registered Boats

    • Rule 4.3 is amended to explicitly state that IRC TCCs may not be amended by any third party and that, except in specific circumstances, adjustment of a boat’s elapsed time to effectively amend an IRC TCC is considered to be modification of an IRC TCC by a third party.

    • Rule 21.3.4 (c) relating to the requirement to declare a whisker pole is deleted as redundant.

    • A new IRC definition of Hull Shell is introduced to clarify the meaning for the purposes of IRC

      Age Date.

    • The IRC definition of Age Date is amended to incorporate the new IRC definition of Hull Shell.

    • The IRC definition of Series Date is amended without practical effect to explicitly include ‘one- off’ boats and to clarify that Series Date does not change if a boat is modified..

    • The IRC definitions of heavy weather jib and storm jib are amended to explicitly refer to the appropriate ISAF Offshore Special Regulations to remove any potential for confusion.. 

    • New definition of Headsail Head Point:
      • Headsail Head Point:
      • ERS G.4.2 (b) shall not apply. Headsail Head Point is defined as: The intersection of the luff, extended as necessary, and the line through the highest point of the sail, excluding attachmentsand any luff tape, at 90 degrees to the luff.



    Rule Changes for 2014

    The following Rule changes come into effect on 1st January 2014 (1st June 2014 for South certification year).

    • Rule 8.2.1 is amended to clarify that short handed boats may be included in the overall results of a race.
    • Rule 9.6 is amended to clarify from what point a rating protest is applicable.
    • Following a change to the RRS, a new IRC definition of Stored Power is added and referenced in Rule 15.
    • Rules 13.1, 22.1 and 22.2 have been re-written to be clearer and more logical without changes in meaning.
    • Rule 21.3.5 is deleted as redundant and potentially misleading in that it is repeated in other rules using different wording.
    • The definition of LP is amended to formally incorporate IRC Notice 01/2013 clarifying measurement of LP for boats that may set more than one headsail simultaneously.