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    IRC Changes for 2013

    For 2013, the IRC Technical Committee has made a number of changes to the calculation of IRC TCCs. Most of these have small effects, or affect only a small minority of boats. In a number of cases, they either simplify the IRC software or make it more logical, without intent to change TCCs. Any effects in these cases are therefore also small and are not discussed below.

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    IRC Crew Limits 2011

    Historically, IRC Rules did not automatically invoke crew limitations. As a change for 2011, this position is reversed. IRC Rule 22.4.2 now says: 22.4.2 The Crew Number printed on each boat’s certificate shall not be exceeded or the crew weight shall not exceed 85kg multiplied by the Crew Number printed on the certificate. Unless therefore, as permitted by Rule 22.4.3, a Notice of Race says something different, then crew limitations will be in force.

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    Changes to IRC Rules For 2011

    The following Rule changes have been announced for the IRC Rules which come into effect 1st June 2011 in Asia.

    The full 2011 Rule can be downloaded HERE

    Rule 8.2 now incorporates the first sentence of old Rule 8.9. The remainder of old Rule 8.9 has been deleted because it is repeated elsewhere.

    In response to abuse, Rule 8.2.1 now requires that a boat holding a shorthanded certificate may not use her normal certificate for shorthanded races.

    To improve clarity, old Rule 8.4 has been separated into 3 separate rules, 8.4, 8.5 and 8.6.

    Rule 8.6 now specifically defines the meaning of Endorsed. It also clarifies that irrespective of certificate print language, the word ENDORSED is always used and how this is shown on certificates.

    New Rule 8.10 defines rated dimensions as maxima and minima and that a boat found during equipment inspection at an event to exceed any dimension is not in compliance with her certificate.

    Rule 9, Rating Review, is now specific that it does not apply to equipment inspection at an event.

    New Rule 17.2.9 clarifies that portable electronic equipment shall not be on board for Measurement Condition.

    Old Rule 18.2 is deleted as being now redundant.

    Old Rule 21.3.4(e) is deleted as being redundant.

    Rule 21.5.3 is amended to clarify that in the case of mainsail widths less than the defined lower limits that the lower limits are shown on a boat’s certificate. Rule 21.7.3 is similarly modified in respect of headsail dimensions.

    Old Rules 21.6.1 and 21.6.4 are deleted as being potentially misleading. IRC treatment of SPA and STL is not affected by this deletion.

    In response to abuse, Rule 21.8.1(c) is amended to limit the minimum size of headsail used by a boat rated for a single roller furling headsail.

    Rule 22.4 is amended by the deletion of old Rules 22.4.1, 22.4.3, 22.4.4 and 22.4.5. New Rule 22.4.2 now invokes Crew Number by default unless this is amended by a Notice of Race.

    For clarification, the IRC definitions of HHB, LL, LLmax and LP are amended. There are a number of other detail changes of an administrative nature.

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