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    2019 Changes in Brief


    Historically in IRC the default number of spinnakers has been set at 3 with an option to declare additional spinnakers. While this has been generally considered to be a minimum number for boats competitively racing, it does not take into account that many club level boats only use 1 or 2 spinnakers and have felt disadvantaged. To encourage boats with a smaller spinnaker inventory the IRC Rule has changed to allow boats to declare that they will carry fewer than 3 spinnakers and will see a rating benefit on that basis.  If a boat was previously rated with 3 spinnakers and makes no declaration of carrying fewer, the rating will continue to be based on a default of 3.

    The rating effect for an average boat is approximately (allowing for decimal rounding) 

    Reduction from 3 to 2 spinnakers:  -0.001

    Reduction from 2 to 1 spinnaker: -0.002


    At the IRC Congress 2018 meeting there was a request to remove the declaration of a forestay “adjustable but never adjusted while racing”, an option which until now had no impact on TCC. The request was due to an understanding and perception that owners were using adjusting forestay length while racing despite the declaration.   A rule change for 2019 removes this declaration option, and any boat that has declared an adjustable forestay as never adjusted while racing will see a small rating increase.   This does not apply to boats with the ability to move the mast foot while racing, which can still be declared as not adjusted while racing.


    The treatment of draft has been researched and reviewed by the IRC Technical Committee following an understanding  that deep draft boats have been favoured (or at least not discouraged) under IRC.  The review has resulted in a lower rating   for relative shallow draft and higher rating for relative deep draft.


    The rating of heavy cruisers and classic boats, with relatively low sail area and heavy boat weight, has been reviewed and some of these boats will now see more of a rating benefit.

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