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    IRC 2019 Online revalidation and forms now available for download.

    Online revalidation is now available here. 2019 On-Line Revalidation 

    All IRC 2019 Forms are now available for download in the  IRC Application Forms & Downloads section.

    A full list of rule changes is also available on the site, just check the left hand menu.

    Please note that this years re-validation will ask you for details on the number of spinnakers carried while racing.


    Historically in IRC the default number of spinnakers has been set at 3 with an option to declare additional spinnakers. While this has been generally considered to be a minimum number for boats competitively racing, it does not take into account that many club level boats only use 1 or 2 spinnakers and have felt disadvantaged. To encourage boats with a smaller spinnaker inventory the IRC Rule has changed to allow boats to declare that they will carry fewer than 3 spinnakers and will see a rating benefit on that basis.  If a boat was previously rated with 3 spinnakers and makes no declaration of carrying fewer, the rating will continue to be based on a default of 3.


    The rating effect for an average boat is approximately (allowing for decimal rounding) 

    Reduction from 3 to 2 spinnakers:  -0.001

    Reduction from 2 to 1 spinnaker: -0.002 


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