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    Establishing bulb weight

    For several years now we have required bulb weight to be provided for keel types 10, 11 and 12. There are several methods which may be used to establish this, with varying levels of accuracy and reliability....

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    What should be aboard my boat for weighing?

    weigh web

    If you are having your boat weighed for IRC it needs to be in IRC Measurement Condition.  This is described in IRC Rule 17.1 and 17.2 and also applies to measuring the Overhangs and the Draft.

    One way we often describe it is that if you turn the boat upside down and shake it, nothing would fall out (although we don't expect you to actually try this!).


    Seahorse Magazine Articles by James Dadd

    James Dadd, Director of the RORC Rating Office, writes an article every two months for Seahorse Magazine. Seahorse has kindly agreed to the article text being published here, a couple of months after publication in their magazine

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    James Dadd appointer Director of RORC Rating Office

    After 22 years at the RORC Rating Office, Mike Urwin, its Technical Director, is stepping aside to relinquish the day to day running of the Rating Office to James Dadd, 44, with effect from 1st September. The RORC Rating Office, along with the UNCL Centre de Calcul in Paris, maintains and administers the IRC Rating Rule for boats racing in over 30 countries worldwide.

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    How to measure a Mainsail